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DS Lite features
• Smaller and lighter version of the Nintendo DS™
• Weights just 218g instead of 275g and measures 133mm x 73.9mm x 21.5mm
• Screen backlight adjustable - 4 levels like Micro
• Portable gaming console w/ 2 LCD screens
• ARM9 67 Mhz Main CPU
• 120K Polygons/sec
• 30M/s pixel fillrate
• 4 Mbytes RAM
• ARM7 16.8 Mhz Secondary CPU
• 2-D: 4 backgrounds, 128 sprites
• GBA backwards compatible
• Wireless multiplayer for up to 16 players
• Game stored on rewriteable media up to 1GB

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 Nintendo DS Lite  
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"Nintendo President Satoru Iwata today announced Nintendo DS Lite, a slimmer version of the best-selling Nintendo DS™. Also featuring brighter screens, Nintendo DS Lite will launch in Japan in March. Nintendo DS Lite will be less than two-thirds the size of the original Nintendo DS and more than 20 percent lighter.

DSi R4i flash cardNintendo DS has enjoyed extremely strong sales in Japan and around the world, selling more than 14.4 million units worldwide. The Japanese sell-through of the existing Nintendo DS hardware exceeded 5 million within 13 months, which made Nintendo DS the fastest-selling video game system there.

Nintendo will announce more information about the availability of Nintendo DS Lite in North America and other territories in the future."

Additional details can be found on Nintendo's Japanese site.

Japanese release date: March 2, 2006
Weight: 218g (compare to 275g for the current Nintendo DS)
Dimensions: 133mm x 73.9mm x 21.5mm
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 Nintendo DS Lite  

The Nintendo Co. corporation (the Kyoto Itiminami Ku: Satoru Iwata president) on March 2nd this year, it hits against, the superior model of portable type video game machine Nintendo DS ten DS Lite" manufacturer desired retail price 16 and 800 Yen (including tax: Private AC adapter attachment) with we sell.

We started domestic sale on 2004 December 2nd DS" (including tax desired retail price 15, The result and the domestic sum total cell through quantity as for everyone who 000 Yen), the doubles cleanliness and the touch screen, microphone input and wireless communication (local communication and Wi - Fi communication) etc. fully loads unique function, is enjoyed the video game from the past of course, until now also one time has not been done the game and receive support even in the customer of many women and senior layer (from the retail store the actual sale quantity to the customer) after the selling within 13 months 5000000 units breaking (most speed in all the video game machines which were sold so far in the country; The MediaCreate corporation) it does to inspect, for the country of 2005 end of year point in time the sale quantity has reached to 5700000.

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 Nintendo DS Lite  

This corporation sells this time new as for DS Lite Game Card being unique, as for colorful function by the fact that that way, the substance thin shape is lightened more to raise portable characteristic, it is the superior type which loads the brightness control function of 4 stages whose it is possible furthermore to make the picture bright. ("It is light", "it is bright", we have named "Lite" from meaning.)

As for Nintendo Co., it designates the existence in the portable type game machine market furthermore it is complete & expands the attractive corresponding software which you can enjoy to the your wide customer regardless of the presence of age sex game experience, not only, with throwing the superior model, thisDS Lite, as more firm ones, starts actualizing preponderant spread.

Has anyone else noticed that this redesign ushers in a design which is more than reminiscent of the revolution controller we have seen prototypes of?

The D pad and letter buttons could have been lifted directly from the thing. Seems they are getting ready for a uniformity meet.

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